Every good jewellery retailer knows the importance of building and maintaining trust with their customers. For online jewellery retailers building trust is arguably even more important because you are asking a customer to buy without ever having handled the product or having met you or your staff.

Retailer Benefits

The well-publicised rise of fake, counterfeit and un-hallmarked jewellery being sold online does little to build confidence amongst existing and potential online shoppers. Even for established online retailers Assay Assured can help to differentiate their online shop as being genuine and verified.

One of the first hurdles new businesses face online is obscurity; new customers are unlikely to have any previous knowledge of them, good or bad. The Assay Assured trust mark gives new online retailers independently verified credibility from the outset.

As anyone involved in ecommerce knows, conversion is more important than traffic. Don’t give your site visitors a reason not to shop. Overcome any fear or mistrust and make it easier for them to buy from you.

The Assay Assured Jewellery Retailer trustmark not only lets the consumer know that your goods meet an independently regulated  standard, but that your brand is a member of a national scheme that advocates fairness and quality in jewellery retailing.

  • The Assay Assured trust mark to display on your website, which links to your unique Assay Assured verification certificate
  • Your company name, website and logo displayed on the Assay Assured website, which is searchable by consumers
  • Help with descriptions on your website in line with guidance from the British Hallmarking Council

The Industry Standard Trustmark

Assay Assured Jewellery retailers include some of the UK’s biggest names in online jewellery as well as some of the UK’s smallest boutique online Jewellers.

Join them and help establish the UK's international reputation for quality and standards in jewellery retail.

Help in the Fight Against Illegal Trading

By joining Assay Assured you help to support the legitimate online jewellery industry and to create an industry standard and best practice for online jewellery retailers. You will also be supporting the fight against counterfeit and fake jewellery.

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